Have you ever found it surprisingly cumbersome to press the “back” button at the top of the screen every time you want to switch screens? Tasknote is a task management app made so that most operations can be performed using one hand. Although a variety of features are required for task management, we feel that ease of use and long-term usability of the app are the most important things.

We hope that especially those who normally have trouble with long-term use will try out this app.

・ Intuitive operations like swipes and long button presses are supported.
・ One can easily return to the previous screen by doing a right swipe.
・ Frequently used words can be entered into the dictionary, so there is no need to enter the same word time after time.
・ An overview shows the number of days that have passed since the entry date and updated date, so old data can be identified at a glance.